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    Hello, Guest

    Feral Penguin for web design and development, search engine optomisation (SEO) and improved page ranking.

    Feral Penguin is based in Hervey Bay in sunny Queensland, Australia we provide solutions around Australia and Internationally.

    We work primarily with small businesses that want to improve their business!

    How small your business or industry is, is not important, an understanding that the use web technology can improve your business is. You might be a craftsperson, an artist, or have a niche food product. You might be a cafe or a resturaunt or provide a local service. It doesn't matter, so long as you want to reach out to more people, increase your patronage, improve your business.

    It isn't just about having a web site, it's how you use the Internet to go to your customers, rather than wait for them to come to you. A well designed web site with good SEO can do theses things for you, a well developed web site will keep them coming back.